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Movies To Watch Out For

Check out the new trailer for X:Men Origins: Wolverine It looks amazing, and will be released in May.


Meanwhile, Will Smith hopes to make a sequel to Hancock and prequel to I am Legend, the prequel will probably do well but Hancock 2 is sooo going to suck. Heres what a source revealed:

WILL Smith has sequel fever. The box-office magnet is in talks to finalize follow-ups to both “Hancock” and “I Am Legend.” A Hollywood insider said, “He is ready to do both. Producers are just trying to get Charlize Theron to sign on for the ‘Hancock’ sequel.” As for “I Am Legend,” it will be more of a prequel as Smith’s character died at the end of the zombies-take-Manhattan movie. “It will be about how the disease spreads and the fall of the last great American city. It will also develop the relationship between Will’s character and his wife.” A rep for Smith said, “There have been talks about both of these projects.”


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