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Beyonce : 'Halo' Video

'Halo's' Not one of my fave songs of the album, it’s a bit too shouty for me but the vids cute quite simple and it stars sexy Michael Ealy.

And heres Miss Sasha's 'Diva' cover:

StupidEZMoney said...
15 February 2010 at 15:43  

I'm still waitting for beyonce style to finally get serious. I think in another 2 years or so she will take a long break. When she comes back she will ready for some real music.

Jay-Z got to take her thourgh so stuff, drugs, drama, disco, that's what she needs, I need that from her, I need to feel that in her music, cause that's what I like, that's what everybody like cause that's real.

Tina, Mary j, Artha, they all had it! One day Beyonce will have it to. It's going to take a while. www.wedolikmoney.blogspot.com

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