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Beyonce GQ Cover

Beyonce poses on the cover of German GQ magazine...she looks like she 'was a boy'.
Britney Spears performed in the UK after 5 years on the X Factor, and she looked amazing still needs some work, I think she was miming, not to sure check it out.

X Factor Dirt

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she quit The X Factor because she couldn’t get along with Dannii Minogue.
‘I got physically sick with the stress and the pressure,’ she says. ‘Nothing is worth that.

'I went through so much hurt and that was the biggest factor in me leaving The X Factor. Dannii was 99.9 per cent of the reason. I couldn’t take that in my life.’

Sharon, 56, insists she tried to clear the air with Dannii, 37, who she has branded a ‘teacher’s pet’

‘I’d been reading all these things she’d said about me and I asked her, “Why are you giving me all this shit?”’ she says. ‘But instead of having an adult conversation about it she just cried and never said a word. She is not confrontational. 'I confronted her a few times but she really doesn’t like it and goes into the baby hissy fit thing and sulks instead of saying, “OK, if that’s the way you feel, maybe we can fix it.”

‘Eventually, in December I went to see Simon Cowell and the show’s executive producer, Richard Holloway, and said the stress was too much and I couldn’t do it any more.’

But Sharon doesn’t hold a grudge. ‘I would be willing to give her a number for a reconstructive surgeon if she wants one,’ she tells The Sun. ‘She’s a beautiful woman but her surgery isn’t the best I’ve ever seen.’ Ouch, she does have freakishly shiny skin.

Jamie Foxx Ft TI- Just Like Me Video
It’s really cute and funny.

Britney Spears was honored at the 2008 Bambi Awards in Germany with the “International Pop Award.” Check out her performance below.

Ne Yo – Make U Feel Good Rmx (HOT)

Ashanti - Crime

Sneak Preview : Britney Spears 'Circus'

Britney has released a little teaser clip from her forthcoming video for single Circus, and it's VERY exciting. The full-length version won't be released until 5 December, but this gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Russell Brand hopes to team up with the Jonas Brothers and record a festive duet.

‘I want to learn more about American cultural holidays…and then perhaps [I’ll record] a Christmas song with the Jonas Brothers,’ he tells the Daily Record.
‘I love them little guys. I’ve got nothing against the brothers as a concept. I love the idea.’

Earlier this year Brand mocked the brothers for being virgins throughout the Video Music Awards.


The British Fashion Awards took place yesterday night in London, Jourdan Dunn (above) beat Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson to claim the Model of the Year title.a year in which she became the first black model in 10 years to walk in a Prada catwalk show and graced the cover of Italian Vogue.

Celebrities who turned up for the star-studded event included, Claudia Schiffer; model Erin O'Connor, singer Sophie Ellis Bextor and London ‘It' girls Jade Jagger and Pixie Geldof.

Britney Spears 'For The Record'

Here's the official trailer to Britney's documentary which airs on November 30th. It's been on youtube for a while, I just found it recently, check it out it looks really good can't wait to watch it.

While I was on youtube I found this really funny video of this litle kid singing to Britney Spears 'Hit me baby one more time' and his mum appears from nowhere giving the kid a heart attack, notice how the kid never gets back up.

Leona Lewis wants to follow in the footsteps of RnB sensation Beyonce:

“Beyonce is great, so lovely and down to earth and talented.
“She’s definitely inspiring. I might go into acting like her if the right thing comes along, like a small movie part.”
But Leona, whose album Spirit is No1, snubbed a chance to launch a perfume, adding: “I’m working on my clothing line.”

While the X Factor winner is of doing big things with her life, current contestants of X Factor are showing resentment towards contestant Diana Vickers becasue they believe she is being set up to win the show a source claims. They're not the only ones, I think its all set up because lets be honest Diana isn't the most talented she has this weird goat like sound but the judges seem to love her.Add to this the rumours that Simon Cowell himself backed Diana as his winner at a charity dinner, and that she was let off performing for a week due to illness, and you have the perfect recipe for much suspicion and speculation. Check out her performance from last week.

American Music Awards

The AMA’s was another typical awards show. Beyonce goes crazy on stage, PCD pole dance not a surprise there, Alicia Keys gives another outstanding performance with ‘Superwoman’, Miley’s performance was a waste of time, Rihanna appears in another dreadful outfit…an eyepatch? The Jonas Brothers give another cheesy performance, Leona continues to stun people with her amazing talent and looks and Mariah is just really dull.

The biggest winners of the night were Chris Brown who won three awards including Favorite Artist of the Year and Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Kanye West, each taking home two AMA trophies.





So Cute.....


Guess the celeb....

"Baby baby don't make me mad" Lol

Brandy Covers Jet


She looks so pretty. Don't forget to get Human on Dec 9th!

Miley Cyrus NOT Dead!

Miley Cyrus’s account was hacked into once again but this time more serious, the hacker spread rumours of Cyrus being dead.
The video features a note supposedly from Cyrus' friend that says, "Hey, guys, this is Mandy and I have some very sad news :( ...We're very hurt to tell everyone this, but Miley died this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. Miley told us if anything ever happened to her, then we should let her fans know before the public...R.I.P. honey, we will miss you so much."

The information was good news for Miley fans, some of whom commented on Jiroux's page.
"Today was so bad, I saw that video and I actually thought that Miley had died. I couldn't even breathe, it was horrible!!! I would not be able to live without Miley. She is my role model."

One superfan posted what purported to be the hacker's YouTube account, and another offered the simple message that "hackers are poopy!" Loool!

This is just like the rumor about Neil Buchanan being dead! Damn you hackers.

Joe-milla (like what I did there) were photographed on the beach in Cabo San Lucas on November 9, things getting serious.

"They are not public about it, but they've been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers," a source told Usmagazine.com. "They're very private."

"We are writing this from the beach...doing nothing! First time we have stopped in a while. Can't get better than this. We are already feeling refreshed," Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas wrote on their MySpace blog - the same day the pictures were snapped.

"This week was Kevin's birthday so we took the last day to celebrate his birthday with family, the band, and a few friends," they wrote. "It is so awesome to stop and appreciate all that has happened to us because of all of you."

Listen/DL: Chris Brown – Believer (HOT)

Warning: You May Pee Yourself From Laughing.......

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Beyonce was on SNL last night and they did a parody to Single Ladies. Lol! This is so funny, watch Justin Timberlake tryna do the Single Ladies dance, leotard an all.

Beyonce also performed both her singles If I Were a Boy and Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

If I Were a Boy

Single Ladies

Wow, those performances were impressive, especially Single Ladies, Shes dancing like crazy and singing at the same time but she's not even out of breath. I can't understand how people ever compared Rihanna to her!

New Brandy: Gonna Find My Love and Torn Down


Love both songs - more pop than her usual stuff IMO. I think Gonna Find My Love is a bonus track for Human.

[UPDATE] So, Brandy is rapping on Gonna Find My Love, I thought it was someone else cos its pretty damn good but its her! Check out this funny interview where she talks about discovering her rapping ability

Beyonce SNL Commercial

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"Beyonce will you be my fiance?" Lol!

Dance Flick Trailer

Wayan Brothers teamed up with MTV Films and Paramount Pictures producing 'Dance Flick' spoofing 'Save the last dance' and 'Step Up', the trailer is tooo funny can't wait for it to be released.

35,000 people signed a petition to bring back Laura White on X Factor who left last weekend leaving many shocked will not be returning show bosses have confirmed, I was so sure she was going to win it, well anyways her talent didn't go unnoticed being offered 3 record company deals.

Laura White - Fallin (Week 1)

Behind the Scenes: Brandy and Keri Hilson

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Rap-Up go behind the scenes on the video for Brandy's new single Long Distance.

Behind the scenes of Keri Hilson's video Turnin Me On feat Lil Wayne. She's got the whole trashy, Rihanna-esque thing going on here IMO. I don't really like this song, she has much better music than this rubbish.

For Cindy.......

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Spotted, Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl and Leona Lewis in London. Just for Cindy cos she luuuuuuuuurves him!

Beyonce Covers Japanese Rollingstone and New Song


Beyonce covers the Japanese Rolling Stone. Also check out another new song:

Brandy - Long Distace (Official Cover)


The official cover to Brandy's second single Long Distance. Make sure you get the album Human on Dec 9th.

Camilla broke up Joe and Taylor?

Taylor Swift talks about Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle (sooo pretty btw)
"They've been together since we broke up," Swift told Usmagazine.com at Wednesday's CMA Awards in Nashville. "That's why we broke up - because he met her."
The 18-year-old singer -- who recently revealed how Jonas dumped her in a 27-second phone call -- added, "We don't talk."
So how does Swift get over her exes?
"Write songs about it," said Swift, who penned the tune "Always and Forever" about her split with Jonas.
Do guys ever get intimidated by that?
"I think they are starting to realize that if they are involved with me in any way, I will probably write a song about them,"Taylor Swift makes me laugh, she love’s discussing her love life so open, and I don't think many guys will want to go out with her if she's going to write songs about them.

S Club 7…well more like S Club 3 member Jo O’Meara suffered a minor injury whilst performing at Tokyo nightclub in Bradford when an audience member threw a glass object at her.

This is the official word from the S Club people:A white male, thought to be approximately 19 years old, was arrested for throwing a glass object at the stage and is being questioned by Bradford Police. Immediately after the incident, the accused made an apology to Miss O’Meara claiming the incident was an “accident” and he “meant her no harm”.

It’s going to be difficult for Jo to get back on track with her career since the Celebrity Big Brother race debacle with Shilpa Shetty.

Listen/DL: Corbin Bleu – Paralyzed

Brandy Long Distance Pics


Here are some photos from the video for Brandy's second single Long Distance from her upcoming LP Human.

Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pictures:


Brandy looks amazing in these pics and it seems as though they're going all out for this video, which is a good thing. The song Long Distance has really grown on me so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished video.

World Music Awards

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Check out the pics below. Click to see larger images




The World Music Awards 2008 were held at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club on November 9, 2008 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The ceremony was hosted by Jesse Metcalfe, who was supposed to be joined by Denise Richards but couldn't make it so Michelle Williams helped out instead. Beyonce performed her single Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) for the first time and also won an award for outstanding contribution to the arts. Her lil sis Solange also performed, as did Alicia Keys who took home best R&B artist. From the UK, Estelle performed and won Best New R&B act and Leona Lewis beat out the likes of Madonna and Mariah (who won a Special Achievement Award) for the Worlds Best Pop Female Artist. Leona wasn't at the ceremony though.

Kristen Stewart Covers Entertainment Weekly


Kristen Stewart of Twilight covers Entertainment Weekly. Check out the interview here

Something Really Really Really Scary .......


...... Quarantween

"Disneys freakish mutant zombie children will eat your soul."

My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer


Dean Winchester in 3D - I dont think I need to say anymore!

Jessica Alba on Set of New Movie


Set photos from Jessica's new movie An Invisible Sign of My Own about a gifted young maths teacher who uses maths to help her students with their problems. This is definitely something that Rhea would like - shes the biggest maths nerd I know! Lol, anyway she looks really funny in these pics, I guess she's supposed to be a nerd. I'm gonna reserve judgment till I see the movie; I know everyone says she's a crap actress and I agree her movies suck, but I still think she was good in Dark Angel so maybe this will be okay?

Click on thumbnails to see larger pics


Rihanna Faints While Performing


Near the end of performing Umbrella with Chris Brown, Rihanna reportedly ran off stage and was seen to by paramedics. Before feeling sick she was flying across the stage with an umbrella and wearing a very tight corset so that probably made her feel sick - I dont know. I think its probably that hectic world domination schedule shes got, must be very exhausting.

EMA's Performances

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Beyonce - If I Were A Boy

Perfect vocals but not liking that dress - its weird!

Pink - So What

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

All I can say is WTF?!?!

MTV Europe Music Awards: Red Carpet

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Its what the title says ...

From left to right: Duffy, Beyonce, some chick, Daisy Lowe and Kate Perry
Click on the thumbnails to see the pics.

pinkleona lewisleona lewisestelle


Sugababes came all patriotic wearing red, white and blue between them, Solange actually looked quite nice considering that crazy fashion sense of hers and Leona looks so pretty with her braids! Oh and when did Estelle get braces?