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New Teairra Mari: The Truth

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A new Teairra Mari song has leaked called "The Truth". This slow R&B song is HOT! Of all the newer stuff I've heard from Teairra this is the best, she's gone for the old-skool vibe and its working for her. Her vocals keep on improving and I'm looking forward to her album "Pressed For Time" if it ever sees the light of day.

Teairra Mari - The Truth

Lily Allen tells Elton John to Fuck Off

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Lily Allen and Elton John were presenting the GQ awards - Lily got drunk, made a fool out of herself, pissed off Elton and let slip a little secret. Actress Jamie something is secretly, or I should say was secretly engaged to Lily's brother but then a drunken Lily asked her where her ring is Jamie said "Shut up , nobodys supposed to know." Lmao, she really put her foot in it this time!

Brandy - Right Here (Departed) Official Video

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Here's the video to Brandy's single Right Here(Departed). Its a bit shiteous really, Brandy looks good but theres not much going on - but I'll forgive her cos she makes great music! Can't wair for the album Human which comes out Nov 11th as long as the big wigs don't act stupid and push it back.

Beyonce Covers marie Claire

Beyonce covers the October issue of British mag Marie Claire. She's getting ready to launch her third solo album; the first single may/may not be premiering some time soon according to stans ... I mean fans. Anyways, I'm not sure if I'm ready for another full blown Beyonce attack just yet, but oh well, it's not like you can escape it! So, Beyonce forgot to wear her top underneath her blazer on the cover hence the saggy boob. Personally I don't think that's Beyonce, I think they put a change of clothes on her waxwork at Tussauds, I mean she just looks like a lifeless statue. the expression looks almost the same in both pics!

On why she uses her alter ego 'Sasha'
"Things I do when I am performing I would never do normally" "I always wish I could feel the way I do on stage when I'm doing a movie because I have out of body experiences…I'm so fearless."

On who her song 'Irreplacable' is about
"The obvious person is not the person at all."

On being a pop star
"There is a time limit on being a pop star yes, being a legend, an icon, absolutely not" "I'm over being a popstar, I don't wana be a hot girl I wana be iconic" "There are responsibilities that come along with this life…trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing. I have to work really hard and it's fine because I like it, I love it, but it's a lot of sacrifice."

On being a role model
" I think I'm opening doors for more black women, just like Halle Berry and Diana Ross opened doors for me."

On Barack Obama
"I'm really proud, I think we're making a bit of progress, it's an exciting time. We all feel part of our country now."

With the whole Sasha thing I think Bey may have some kinda personality disorder. Now think about it before you just dismiss me, its possible ...

Leighton Meester Born Behind Bars!

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Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl Born In Jail?!

According to Star magazine the Gossip Girl actress was born in prison! Her mother was serving a sentence in a Texas jail for ... wait for it ... her role in a major drug running ring! And thats not all; her dad, grandad and all served time for drug-related charges. Who woulda thought thatlil miss prissy (I mean her character not her) comes from such a crazy family. I don't watch GG because it sucks but I like Leighton better than Blake - that girls stupidity is not even funny - its deadly serious. Anyhoo, kudos to her for making it!

PS. she looks so much like Rachel Bilson, dont u think?

Brandy - 2nd Thoughts (Snippet)

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Brandy is finally back and is set to release her 5th album Human on November 11th. I'm really looking forward to this album and although I haven't really been blown away with whats leaked so far, I really like this snippet. Hope to hear the full version soon cos it sounds great!

Brandy - 2nd Thoughts (snippet)

Ciara: Go Girl

Official Single - Ciara feat. T-Pain: Go Girl
The first single from Ciara's third studio album Fantasy Ride surfaced today. The track is called Go Girl and features T-Pain.

Ciara feat. T-Pain - Go Girl

This song is a grower, I don't LOVE it but its good. They've messed around with her voice a bit, T-Pain is annoying as ever and the lyrics are a little conceited - but hey at least its not High Price. I know a lot of people like that song but to me it was just plain weird and had it become a hit I would have been suicidal!