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Amy Winehouse Dances Topless

The troubled singer was seen dancing topless on her hotel balcony at a Caribbean resort shocking the elderly at the beach below her.
She was caught on video as she waved her arms in the air and attempted to sing along while hopping from one foot to another.

A witness said: "It was hilarious.

"The mood was suddenly shattered by loud music, then Amy Winehouse appeared with her bits hanging out. She was dancing and slurring along to the music, oblivious to everything.

"The only thing protecting what was left of her modesty was her bikini bottoms and they weren't doing a great job. A lot of guests didn't seem to know whether to laugh or scream at her."

Okay so she's still mentally unstable but she's doing much better physically apparently she looks more healthier, eating healthily and attending the gym.

StupidezMoney said...
15 February 2010 at 15:25  

Nobody want's to see that! Let's not forget she said no to rehab over and over and we let her, then gave her a Grammy award for it, who's crazy?

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