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Miley Cyrus NOT Dead!

Miley Cyrus’s account was hacked into once again but this time more serious, the hacker spread rumours of Cyrus being dead.
The video features a note supposedly from Cyrus' friend that says, "Hey, guys, this is Mandy and I have some very sad news :( ...We're very hurt to tell everyone this, but Miley died this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. Miley told us if anything ever happened to her, then we should let her fans know before the public...R.I.P. honey, we will miss you so much."

The information was good news for Miley fans, some of whom commented on Jiroux's page.
"Today was so bad, I saw that video and I actually thought that Miley had died. I couldn't even breathe, it was horrible!!! I would not be able to live without Miley. She is my role model."

One superfan posted what purported to be the hacker's YouTube account, and another offered the simple message that "hackers are poopy!" Loool!

This is just like the rumor about Neil Buchanan being dead! Damn you hackers.

Joe-milla (like what I did there) were photographed on the beach in Cabo San Lucas on November 9, things getting serious.

"They are not public about it, but they've been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers," a source told Usmagazine.com. "They're very private."

"We are writing this from the beach...doing nothing! First time we have stopped in a while. Can't get better than this. We are already feeling refreshed," Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas wrote on their MySpace blog - the same day the pictures were snapped.

"This week was Kevin's birthday so we took the last day to celebrate his birthday with family, the band, and a few friends," they wrote. "It is so awesome to stop and appreciate all that has happened to us because of all of you."

Listen/DL: Chris Brown – Believer (HOT)


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