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Britney Spears 'For The Record'

Here's the official trailer to Britney's documentary which airs on November 30th. It's been on youtube for a while, I just found it recently, check it out it looks really good can't wait to watch it.

While I was on youtube I found this really funny video of this litle kid singing to Britney Spears 'Hit me baby one more time' and his mum appears from nowhere giving the kid a heart attack, notice how the kid never gets back up.

Leona Lewis wants to follow in the footsteps of RnB sensation Beyonce:

“Beyonce is great, so lovely and down to earth and talented.
“She’s definitely inspiring. I might go into acting like her if the right thing comes along, like a small movie part.”
But Leona, whose album Spirit is No1, snubbed a chance to launch a perfume, adding: “I’m working on my clothing line.”

While the X Factor winner is of doing big things with her life, current contestants of X Factor are showing resentment towards contestant Diana Vickers becasue they believe she is being set up to win the show a source claims. They're not the only ones, I think its all set up because lets be honest Diana isn't the most talented she has this weird goat like sound but the judges seem to love her.Add to this the rumours that Simon Cowell himself backed Diana as his winner at a charity dinner, and that she was let off performing for a week due to illness, and you have the perfect recipe for much suspicion and speculation. Check out her performance from last week.


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