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Rihanna: Disturbia Official Video

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It took me a minute to find this video because Def Jam have gone around getting it removed from Youtube - copyright infringement or something. Anyways, this video is actually weirder than I thought it would be - and I had high expectations for its levels of weirdness. Highlights of the video include Rihanna getting it off with a plastic dummy, wearing a large feathery headress, a cheap blonde wig and shaking her head like a deranged lunatic (or someone in disturbia?) - so a must-see then? Seriously though, what the hell happened to this child, she used to be so normal. I mean she really didn't have to go to these lengths to set herself apart from other artists cos she already had the whole Carribean (sp?) thing going on. It just seems kinda forced to me. Anyways, here she is back in her Pon De Replay days, see if you can spot the difference!


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