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I have been on the internet for a while now looking for some decent music or funny gossip but I cant find anything, music kinda sounds the same and its the same people dominating the headlines.

But check this out, Simon Cowell thinks that Brad Pitt should play him in a film based on his life, I dont know whats worst the fact that he's making a movie on his life or that he thinks Brad Pitt should play him.

'Long Road Productions' will be directing an Irish football musical on the Becks, and its going to be called....wait for it.... The MacBecks. Thats right its a parody of the famous play Macbeth by Shakespeare, I remember having to read and analyse Macbeth, didnt really enjoy it much- no offence to any Shakespearian fan reading this. The play hasn't been cast yet but it would be interesting to see who plays the three witches. I dont quite know how they are going to pull this off but I will definitely watch it when it does come out.

Jude Law, once married to Sadie Frost, engaged to Sienna Miller a fashion icon later to be seen snogging Kimberly Stewart is now rumoured to be dating Lily Cole, but what is so attractive about him? He's slowing losing his hair, I cant remember any of his movies...has he made any? Lily Cole is an upcoming model she also starred in St Trinians movie and she's 20, but looks 12. Whereas Jude Law is 35, 15yrs older than her, i dont think this relationship will last that long its not like Jude to be faithful.

Mariah Scarey has released a new video featuring T.I. called "I'll be Loving You Long Time", I've only listened to it twice and its kinda grown on me, its quite an upbeat summer jam. But as usual the video is crap. I hated the video to Touch My Body - she's got the weirdest figure ever, like an out of proportion barbie reject. Bye Bye was quite weird too, she's singing about people who have passed away while prancing around in a tiny bikini.

Mariah feat. T.I. - I'll Be Loving You Long Time

New songs

T-Pain ft Lil Wayne- Cant Believe it

Keri Hilson- Energy

Fugative- Summertime

So i was on youtube today just watching random videos when i came across this. Its Kanye West doing an advert/commercial for a pill called 'Be Kanye'....eh nah! Its quite funny and weird and the girl in it is creepy she sounds high.

The second video i found was a clip from Aamerica's Best Dance Crew season 2 i was speechless after watching this groups performance check them out.

Now that we've started posting again we've decided broaden our topics so instead of just talking about music and uploading loads of songs we're going to talk about everything from sports to politics, music, fashion etc

This will probably be our first ever post on sports. Now i would talk about Ronaldo but lets face it thats confusing some say he's moving to real madrid and others say he's not personally i don't care because he's a slut. i really liked him until he started sleeping around.

Jose Mourinho is the new manager of inter milan and while he was at Chelsea him and Lampard became best friends so it wasnt a surprise to me when i found out that inter milan has apparently offered 6.5 million for Lampard but they can do better than that, Portsmouth bidded 11 million for Crouch.

Lampard and Mourinho look way better than this picture they're just not that photogenic.


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