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New Cassie: Soldier 4 Love

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A new Cassie song has leaked from her upcoming album. Now usually I just dont like artists who cant sing - I mean it makes no sense how can you be a singer who can't sing? But despite her lack of vocal ability for some reason I've always liked her. So, how surprised was I when I heard this song and she sounded great! The whole song seems to display growth as an artist rather than the same ole' same ole'. If she's consistent in this kinda quality for the rest of the album I think she may come up with something impressive. I guess we'll have to wait till a live performance to find out whether the improved vocals are a result of some much needed hard work or some of that studio magic! Either way its got me looking forward to her album because this track is HOT!

*UPDATE* - This song is NOT by Cassie it was all just one big mistake. I just assumed Bad Boy had made her do the intensive work that was needed on her vocals and that it had paid off. I guess it sucks to be Cassie cos now the next song that is released/leaked everyone will be like "now thats Cassie" Lol!

Speaking of Cassie, while blog surfing I noticed a new promo pic of Amerie who is now signed to Def Jam and is working on a new album. To me it looked very similar to a Cassie photoshoot from a couple of years ago:

See, usually I'd pass this off as a coincidence, but Def Jam does seem to like to clone other artists, and as their mini Beyonce (aka Riyonce) is so successful maybe they thought they'd give it a go with Amerie? But why copy Cassie, she aint no Beyonce? . . . well she has got style lol!

In other news Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is currently sitting at the top of the US charts with her new album.

Urghh I can't stand this girl she is so annoying! What the hell is wrong with you American kids lol! I've never listened to a full song by her but from what I have heard she sounds like she has the biggest glob of spit in her mouth and either needs to swallow it or spit it out cos it sounds nasty. Luckily shes not that big here in the UK, so I've only heard about her antics through the gossip blogs and all I can say is . . . tsk tsk tsk. I'm not too clued up on these Disney kids, when I was younger it was all about Nickolodeon! but I prefer the other 2, Selina Gomez and Demi Lovato - so much more normal y'know. And that Demi Lovato can actually sing - check out her performance on Regis and Kelly - the song sucks but she sounds good!


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