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Will Smith's Son A Fortune Teller?

Will Smith thinks his son Jaden has supernatural powers:

The Men in Black star believes Jaden, his 10-year-old son with wife Jada Pinkett, is a fortune teller who can see into the future. He says, “Jaden is so in touch with something, like when we look at him and we feel so silly sometimes. If he says, ‘You know, mom, I don’t wanna fly today.’ We’re like, ‘Why? What happened?’ “He’s so in touch and so open. He’s our little Nostradamus.”

Will, 40, recently revealed that Jaden stopped him from resurrecting his pop career. He said, “I have no music plans going on at all. My son Jaden said, ‘Dad, you got some good records from before but I think that’s enough.’ He’s Mr. Reality for me.”

Nooooo scientology has affected Will Smith too, what is this world coming to.


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