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Jacko moves opposite a school

The pop superstar who was cleared of child abuse in 2005 has moved opposite a elementary school, for pupils aged four to 13. About 600 parents have complained, they say that he can see children getting on & off the bus from his mansion. Its quite a convenient place to live, he does have kids and needs to send them to a school nearby. Locals say Jacko has not been to the school and keeps a low profile surrounded by a team of bodyguards, that's a good sign.

Katy Perry has outraged anti-violence campaigners with her 'sexy' photo in which she's posing with a knife. "The knife picture was done to give Katy more a sexy, harder edge. But in the end it wasn't picked as a main shot for her album or website," a source was quoted as saying. Victims of knife crime were deeply offended by her picture, she should be setting a good example as a role model not glamorising a weapon. The Brits are really pissed only a few days ago a young teen was stabbed in Liverpool, more than 60 victims have lost their lives to violence.


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