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Cassie & Keri Hilson Promo Pics

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Cassie is covering the August/September issue of Complex for her second time, and she looks ... like a SKANK! For decency's sake I haven't posted them here but if you really wanna see them http://sandrarose.com/2008/08/01/cassie-covers-complex-magazine/ - click there. The picture above is an alternate cover - the clean version, so there's not really much err...skankness? Anyways pictures include a very revealing one piece (the other cover) and being as classy as she is, Cassie has also given us a lovely view of her rear end with some pics in a lil bikini thrown in for good measure. I agree with Sandra Rose when she says "Those who can’t, teach… and those who can’t sing, take their clothes off." I guess Bad Boy is going with the whole sex sells thing because it doesn't look like the record can stand on its own. Either way it seems like a last ditch attempt to save a project likely to fail - but hey maybe they'll prove me wrong!.

Keri Hilson Promo

This is a new promo shoot for Keri Hilson's upcoming album. Usually she too looks quite skanky what with her legs wiiide open in that Usher vid. But she looks great in these pics - natural and pretty in contrast to when you usually see pictures of her dressed all space agey and with her hair all funny. Before she started pimping herself out and wasn't that well known I used to love her music - well the few tracks that had leaked on the internet. So even though I dont think much of her debut single Energy I'll definitely check out her album which I think will be called Keri'd Away In a Perfect World


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